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Mitzy Moore Handcrafts

Mitzy Moore Handcrafts makes MY Bags which are customized Handbags, Pull Bags and reusable Gift Bags for every occasion, as well as Teddy Bears and Amigurumi's and Baby items. The MY Bags concept allows you to customize the size, material, colors, patterns, add pockets on the inside or outside of the bag and a handle or strap of your choosing.  We also have a large selection of "Just for Baby" items as well as "Teddy Bears and Amigurumi's"  You can chose from our large selection or have an item custom made for you. 

MY Custom Bags & Gift Bags


Hand-Made knit and fabric Handbags, Pull-String Bags and reusable Gift Bags for every occasion.

Just for Baby


Great one of a kind unique gifts. clothes, blankets, toys, baby items and more ...

Teddy Bears & Amigurumi's


We have a large selection of tote bags, handbags and baby items for purchase at our shop in Hazlet to chose from. Stop in and check out our inventory or customize your own.